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Our History

The history of the building goes back to the late 1800s when a single-family house was constructed on what was then a four-acre parcel. For more than a generation, the house was occumpied and enjoyed by an early Anaheim family. In 1920, Norbert and Maria de Cock bought the property and made it their home for the next 14 years. Their son, Frank, grew up here and eventually joined the growing Anaheim Police Department.

Then, in 1934, the property again changed hands and the house was converted into a modest restaurant known as the Dorothy-Wade Cafe. The building’s identity as a hospitality house was firmly established.

It was 1958 when Raymond and Anita Birkland acquired the property. After major reconstruction and remodeling, the Birklands opened the Original Pancake House. Raymond’s unique personality and Anita’s gracious manner combined to grow the business into an Anaheim legend.

When the Birklands retired in 1986, they transferred the business to Ron and Nancy Voll who continued the tradition of excellence until passing the torch (and the chef’s hat) to their son, Adam, in 2006.

Today, the Original Pancake House still rests on the “good bones” of that original house, and still offers only the best to its legions of loyal patrons.